Diary of a Common Soldier by F R McMillan Now Available

Diary of a Common Soldier: Secret Journals of a World War II Rifleman by F. R. McMillan book cover

Kinsett Publishingu2019s latest book titleu00a0Diary of a Common Soldier: Secret Jouals of a World War II Riflemanu00a0written by a former member of the Rifle Brigade in the British Army, F R McMillian is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Have you ever wondered what life was like for the average soldier in World War II?

In this diary kept by a member of the British Rifle Brigade, there are no herioc actions that shaped the fate of millions. Instead, you will read the true and unfiltered story of a real-life common soldier who struggled to survive the elements and the armyu2019s rules so that he might be able to see his family again.

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