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Peter J Morris

Peter Morris is a historian and esoteric researcher.

Peter has studied history, metaphysics, spirituality and the paranormal for over 35 years.

He has written articles for the Journal of the Dursley & Cam Society: The Dursley Lantern; Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries/3rd Stone and Un-X Magazine.

Peter has given many lectures throughout the UK on subjects such as dreamwork, Kabbalah, earth mysteries, esoteric astrology, UFOs and the Dursley railway branchline. He has also been interviewed on local radio about his research into crop-circles and his work as an esoteric counsellor.

Peter is currently working on a book about the magic, mythology, occult significance and spiritual influence of the Dog Star – a stellar body that is more commonly known as Sirius.

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Peter’s Books

  • Visions of a Veiled Epoch

    Visions of a Veiled Epoch

    Apocalypse and the Return of the Ancient Gods from Sirius By Peter J Morris The first in a series of books entitled The Sirius Codex, in this first volume writer, researcher and occultist, Peter J. Morris traces the threads of a complex stellar gnosis related to the star Sirius—more commonly known as the Dog-Star.Continue Reading

  • The Dursley Railway

    The Dursley Railway

    The Life and Times of a Cotswold Branchline (1854–1970) By Peter Morris A comprehensive look at the railway branchline to the Cotswold town of Dursley, Gloucestershire written by local historian Peter Morris.Continue Reading

  • The Power of the Ankh

    The Power of the Ankh

    How to Use the Ancient Symbol of Life to Transform Your Health, Wealth and Destiny By Peter J Morris Learn about the mystical and metaphysical power of this cryptic symbol and discover how you can harness its energies to transform your life.Continue Reading

Peter’s Articles

  • Why the Star Sirius is so Important

    Why the Star Sirius is so Important

    Written by Peter J Morris The star Sirius is also known as the “Dog Star” by virtue of it being prominant in the constellation of Canis Major, or ‘Big Dog’ and is thought to be around 200–300 million years old It can be seen easily from the Northern Hemisphere by the naked eye between 30…

  • The Ankh Symbol: A Short History of Its Use From Ancient Days to Modern Times

    The Ankh Symbol: A Short History of Its Use From Ancient Days to Modern Times

    Written by Peter J Morris Although the Ankh’s use as a popular icon in recent decades has been largely commercial, the roots of this symbol suggest that it enjoyed a mystical—almost semi-religious—application for thousands of years before the modern time.Continue Reading

  • A Brief History of Dursley Railway (1854–1970)

    A Brief History of Dursley Railway (1854–1970)

    Written by Peter Morris Dursley is a small market town located in the Cotswold Hills of South Gloucestershire, South-West England. Today, it is a quiet suburban off-shoot of its near city neighbours Gloucester and Bristol but, for over two centuries …Continue Reading