The Turning of the Wheel of Life 

In the distance there’s a spiral of luminous dust

Majestically turning as the galaxy must.

Round spin the stars as they circle their core,

Travelers on a journey to ever more.


Stand on the beach watching waves roll in;

Scale a high cliff and face the endless wind;

Go with the flow of day and night;

It’s the turning of the wheel of life.


The wheel rolls onward in time and space,

Our footsteps follow to arrive at this place.

Friends and family ride the time-wave, too,

The Wheel of Life turning in all that we do.


The Wheel has its logic, though we may not know,

As some things come, and others must go.

An inevitable rhythm guides our slow-motion dance,

Bringing footprints together by reason, not chance.


Just as the seasons know to unfold,

So do our lives, without being told.

We’ve our moment in time to be what we must,

As the wheel draws us forward amidst galaxy dust.


But here where we are there are still precious times,

Travelers together trading poems and rhymes.

It’s sharing the journey that makes it so right;

For we are the turning of the Wheel of Life.


Copyright 2015 Maureen Richmond