Friday, July 25, 2014
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  • Diary of a Common Soldier

    Diary of a Common Soldier

    Wartime Diaries of World War II Rifleman

    In June 1941, aged 27, 'Mac' McMillan left his job as a bakers' roundsman and was drafted into the B Company of the 9th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade.

    Following a period of training Mac and his fellow companions left their camp at Tidworth and to the sound of a marching band and cheering locals they sailed for their tour of duty in North Africa.

    Mac left behind him a wife and four daughters but as he departed he was completely unaware that his wife was in fact giving birth to their next child - their first son whom he would not see for over two years.

    Additional Info
    • Publication Title Diary of a Common Soldier
    • Publication Author F. R. McMillan (Edited Jan Robinson)
    • ISBN 978-1-909370-074
    • Format Digital Publication
    Tags: history
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